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Getting Started with Spore Notes

Spore is here to improve your cognition and make sure that your valuable knowledge is never lost. Spore allows you to effortlessly implement the Zettelkasten note taking method. This method involves creating many individual notes and using metadata to organize and link each of the individual ideas. This forms a dynamic and ever changing network of personal knowledge for the note taker. This note taking method has been shown to drastically increase the productivity and creativity of the people that employ it. Let's get into how Spore unlocks the potential of this powerful note taking method by giving you the right tools to effortlessly create knowledge networks.

1. Sign up:

Sign up is easy, simply go here to create an account. Enter an email and your password. After creating your account, you will be logged in automatically.

2. Just Start Typing

Spore is committed to being the fastest and easiest tool for you to capture your thoughts and ideas whenever they come to mind. That is why every time you login or go to Spore’s homepage on mobile or web, there is a blank note waiting for you to jot down your ideas. You can give your note a title or just start typing. Our powerful rich text editor supports bullets, bolding, and italicizing.

Now, we will get into how Spore allows you to quickly organize and connect your thoughts. Spore employs a simple double bracket [[]] syntax to create bi-directional links between notes. While taking notes, simply type any existing or new note title in double brackets like this: [[knowledge]]. Doing so will link your current note to the “knowledge” note if it exists.

If it does not already exist, the “knowledge” note will be automatically created. To navigate to the new or linked note, simply click the title in the double brackets.

Once you navigate to the linked note, if you scroll down you will see every note that links to your current note. You can navigate back to any note by clicking.

4. Sidebar

Spore uses a simple yet powerful sidebar. At the top, you can click the spore logo at any time to create a blank, unlinked note. Just below is our database wide search which can be used to easily find any information based on keywords. Finally, you can quickly find any favorited notes making sure recent and important ideas can be accessed quickly. Notes can be favorited by selecting the heart at the top of any note.

We hope this guide will help you get started using Spore. Join our community to get quick help from our team and super users. We also love hearing about your creative use cases and any features you want to see!

Use Cases

Coming Soon. In the meantime, feel free to tell us about the awesome ways you use Spore's powerful features by emailing us at [email protected] Your notes could even be featured here!