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Lightning fast, organized notes.

Effortless, simple organization that thinks like you.

Integrate with your most important daily tools.

Beautiful and Fast

Instant rich text notes with the click of a button. Remove clutter and organize your thoughts.

Linking and Tagging

Notes that think like you. Link and group notes using simple syntax. See all your related ideas in one place.

Personal CRM

Link notes to people and calendar events. Effortlessly relate your relationships, meetings and ideas.

Create knowledge not information.

Be ultra-productive.

Use bi-directional linking and heirarchrical tagging to capture the natural interconnectedness of your knowledge. Create a network of related ideas and thoughts instead of a static, chronological report.

Make your notes an extension of your brain.

Integrate with your life.

Spore integrates with your most powerful everyday apps and tools. Add your calendar and spore will automatically create notes for events, making meeting notes a breeze. Link meeting notes to new or past topcis whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, ensuring you never miss a beat. (coming soon)

Write Beautifully.

Our simple and efficient UI lets you create, link and organize notes in seconds. Our advanced rich text editor allows you to write the way you think without missing a key stroke.

Use Spore anywhere.

Spore is supported on all platforms: Mac, IOS, Windows, Linux, Google Play. Write notes that sync from anywhere at any time. See calendar events and to-do lists on any device to keep you on track.

You spend a lot of time taking notes. Make them useful.

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